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About us - ZigZag Sport


ZigZag Sport's mission is to help organizations, companies and athletes promoting themselves and their values ​​by providing them with unique and creative audiovisual media content, adapted to their image.


ZigZag's vision is to be the benchmark in athlete propulsion. The company wants athletes across the province and even around the world to aspire to become brand ambassadors through its wacky, professional videos showcasing over-the-top sporting and artistic feats.
ZigZag also wants to share and pass on its passion for sport with everyone! Will therefore be organized, sporting/artistic events with part of the money earned for each service or item sold with the aim of promoting the practice of sport and any other passion.

By the way...

The site you are currently on is not only a sales channel for ZigZag products and services, but it is also a self-financing platform! Indeed! You can become a ZigZag ambassador yourself and benefit from a progressive commission on the sales you make. And if you just want to cheer on one of our athletes, you can always do so by using their promo code to get some super trendy ZigZag merchandise.